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St. James Catholic School

1010 Belmont Avenue
Augusta, KS 67010
(316) 775-5721

Principal: Richard Guy




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From the Principal:


Dear Parents and Students,

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome you and your child to St. James Catholic School.  St. James is a unique school for the sole reason of its philosophical foundation and its working relationship with the Home and School Association.  We hope you will also find that our staff is very dedicated in providing your child with the best Catholic Christian education possible.

Our faculty, highly competent and professional, is looking forward to working with each of you and assisting you in every educational adventure.  The main purpose of the school in our community is to provide the students with the best possible Catholic education so that they will be able to live and work successfully in the immediate community.  You have the power to determine our successes or failures.  Good citizenship and honest endeavor to learn, a cooperative attitude with classmates and staff, punctuality and thoroughness are some of the factors necessary for our success here and in life.

At St. James Catholic School, we pride ourselves on the sense of community our students, staff, and parents experience while here.  Whether performing a science experiment, discussing a reading lesson, playing at recess, or visiting seniors at Lakepoint, the teaching of Catholic Christian values, responsibility, and respect for others permeates our daily lessons and activities!  Stewardship, Mission, and Charity are the foundation upon which our school is built.

The Sisters of St. Joseph and the Adorers of the Blood of Christ (A.S.C.), who founded St. James, understood the value of an excellent Catholic education in the total effort of leading students to truth.  More than 66 years later, St. James Catholic School remains committed to the value of academic excellence and providing a catholic faith-based education for students from preschool through 6th grade.

The size of our school allows us to know each of our students and parents well, and our focus on a studentís moral development, as well as our commitment in education makes St. James Catholic School a unique, educational experience.  It is an honor to have you as part of our family.

This Parent-Student Handbook is prepared to enable us to work together in harmony and develop an understanding of our school.

On behalf of Father Schemm and the school staff, we pray that the Lord will bless all of our school family with a most successful school year.  We hope that the atmosphere of the LOVE OF LEARNING AND LEARNING OF LOVE will be kindled in all grades preschool thru sixth.

This will be a great year, but it will not happen by accident.  Letís make a commitment to be the best we can be.

Peace be with you always,

Richard Guy, Principal
St. James Catholic School


Why Choose St. James?


How is St. James Catholic School unique from any other school? What do students and parents learn and gain that is different from what is expected and experienced at other schools?

  • SJCS is a mission driven school. Everything that you experience at St. James flows directly in correlation with our school mission statement, ďPreparing Minds for a Lifetime and Souls for Eternity.Ē In fact, itís not only our mission, but the way we live.

  • At SJCS, we pray and worship together. We use Jesus as our model. We have a special relationship with Jesus. We strive to imitate Jesus. We get to know Him, love Him, and learn about Him. Catholic Christian values are integrated into all of our classes.

  • At SJCS, we have a staff that care about each other and support each other. We enjoy each others company. We work together to provide an environment that is caring, positive, exciting, and provides students with fruitful learning experiences.

  • At SJCS, our heritage is honored and our future foretold in countless acts of sacrifice and love. At SJCS, we set high standards for each and every student and we develop a plan to help each child meet and master these standards.

  • At SJCS, the daily actions of each student, parent, and staff member are what makes our school a quality Catholic Christian school.

School Council

The School Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Pastor and Principal. In conformity with Church law and policies of the Diocese of Wichita Board of Education, the Council assists in planning and evaluating school policies and programs, and strategic planning.
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Parent Teacher Organization

Parents are the first and best educators of their children. Therefore, it is essential that parents and teachers work together in a spirit of harmony to develop, promote, and protect the vision and mission of the school.
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